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Vid Title: Datenight
Vidder: Fahrbot Drusilla
Fandom: Luther
Summary: Whatever we do, I’mma do it with you.
Reccer's Comments: My current fandom! (Such as it is, poor tiny fandom). This song choice is so wrong, pairing threats and murder with a song about going on a date, and thus it is absolutely perfect for John/Alice. It has a great build and does a really nice job of juxtaposing the more, er, violent or screwed up moments with the moments of odd attraction or tenderness that happen between these two. Love is cleaning the fingerprints off the gun.
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Vid Title: Good Gone Girl
Vidder: [personal profile] thirdblindmouse
Fandom:Man from U.N.C.L.E.
Summary: An ode to the women of MUNCLE season 1.
Reccer's Comments:
This was adorable. MUNCLE had a lot of women for a 60's show, and did a much better job of characterising them than you might expect (not perfect,vaguely sexist towards them, but they were all at least distinct people.) This vid takes all of those women and sets them to a song about girls looking for adventure, which perfectly captures the best thing about the women on this show: how many of them were excited about and interested in the spy adventures they got caught up in, even when the show thought this was silly of them.

Mod, can I get a fandom: man from U.N.C.L.E. tag? Thanks!
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Vid Title: bitch
Vidder: [ profile] mresundance
Fandom: Dark Angel
Summary: A celebration of Max, a totally awesome bitch-goddess, and the man who loves her. They wouldn't want it any other way. (quoting the vidder)
Reccer's Comments: i've only watched a few episodes of dark angel, but i think this song fits max.

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Posting this on behalf of [ profile] amnisias, who cannot post here with OpenID. Sorry, everyone, I really thought you could post in Dreamwidth comms with LJ OpenIDs, but apparently this is not the case. Sorry for the inconvenience! I am thinking of ways around this. In the meantime, you can PM me with all the html code and I'll post it for you, or you can comment with your OpenID to the challenge post, and I'll either post them separately or, if there are a lot, make some kind of masterpost including those recs. Other suggestions welcome!


Written by [ profile] amnisias:

Title: Youkali
Vidder: [personal profile] hazelk
Fandom: Dollhouse
Reccer's Comments: Why haven't I seen this before? What an amazing idea - a dollhouse vid from a doll POV set to a French Weil song - and beautifully executed. I loved the dream-like, disjointed flow of non-narrative that captures the doll experience so perfectly. Normally I'm not a big fan of excessive use of FX, but here they are totally fitting, they perfectly match the FX in the source and are such a great visulal representation of the de/reactivating of the dolls. It visually differentiates the confusion the dolls must feel when they are thrown in or jerked out of a reallity and the -false- sense of clarity and stability if they are in any given reality that is not their own.

I also really like how the vidder used long slow clips and short fast clips to create an interal, visual rhythm that keeps the viewers interest right to the end. It complements the music - by the way, inspired choice there - so well!

I would highly recommend this vid to fans of Dollhouse, to people who like a more avangarde vid style (this reminds me of some of [ profile] kiki_miserychic's vids) and anybody who is a vidder.
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Vid Title: Flickers
Vidder: [personal profile] lola
Fandom: Multifandom (Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge)
Summary: Girls + technology = ? "And with my opened mouth, I join the singing lights."
Reccer's Comments: This one's very recent! It's a really fascinating concept and very focused execution, combining text, including media/academic/feminist theory, technology and representations of women and technology in these shows. Different effects technology have on the young women are explored, from the creepy objectification of them by others through surveillance and technology, to the women taking control of the means of media and technology production themselves. The feeling in the vid is really layered and ambiguous, which I'm sort of fascinated by. It's neither warning nor triumphant girl power, but it does have a strong theme of the power that these young women gain through their use of technology and their connectivity to each other--flickers, like all the screens in the dark.
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Vid Title: Unwritten (SG-1, Jonas Quinn)
Vidder: [personal profile] kuwdora
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Summary: Jonas is a work in progress.
Reccer's Comments: i almost never see jonas quinn vids, thin one shows he's cooler than most people give him credit for.
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Vid Title: a different kind of love song
Vidder: [ profile] giandujakiss
Fandom: miltifandom
Summary: geeks are everywhere
Reccer's Comments:  i didn't realize how much fandom stuff pops up in tv shows, until i saw this.

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Vid Title: Canada (it's about halfway down the page)
Vidder: [ profile] amnisias
Fandom: Ice Hockey (Olympics)
Summary: The Canada-US gold medal game at the 2010 Olympics set to dramatic music!
Reccer's Comments:
A vid from my new/current fandom! This was really fun. It's very much like a highlight reel of that gold medal game, but with a vidding sensibility behind it. The vidder did a really great job of cutting game footage (which is so often from the wrong angle and too small and with other players standing between the camera and the action) so that it's very easy to follow, even without any commentary other than the music.

The difference between this and a highlight reel was interesting to me because it kind of is one (it hits the high points of that game, which are the same goals/good plays that you'd get in a highlight reel, and I've seen highlight reels with backing music before), but it doesn't really feel like one. I think it's in the way that the vidder uses a lot of reaction shots and close-ups of players faces not only after the goals, but before as they set up the play or try to defend against it. It really gives it a more narrative feel, and makes it much more about not just the skill, but the emotions of the players, which is a very fannish focus (though this is certainly gen rather than rps.)

This would be a pretty good vid to start with if you don't know much about hockey. It doesn't require a lot of knowledge about the players (though a lot of them are pretty famous if you do follow the game, of course), it's easy to follow, and the way it ramps up with the music and the visible excitement of the players and so on gets across some of the feel of the game quite well.

And mods, if I could get a fandom: hockey, or fandom:ice hockey tag? Thanks, mods!
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Vid Title: (22)1BR/1BA
Vidder:[personal profile] purplefringe 
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Summary: Watson character study
Reccer's Comments: Spoilers! )
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Vid Title: I Have a Computer Robot
Vidder: [personal profile] genusshrike
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Summary: Cameron's not a real girl.
Reccer's Comments: A blunt little character study of Cameron, via John Henry and tons of computer imagery. I love how blunt it is, and how it amusingly responds to the questioning all the sci-fi does of whether robots are people with the answer that, maybe, but they are also COMPUTERS. Computers steal computers for their own computer purposes! Plus it has really fun editing and musicality.

(For purposes of the secondary challenge, which I shall conquer I don't know whether to say this is from an old fandom or a current fandom? My once and forever fandom? <3)
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Vid Title: let it rock
Vidder: [ profile] signed_aislynn A.K.A Aislynn815
Fandom: tomb raider
Summary: A high-octane, rock'em, sock'em Lara Croft character study. (quoting the vidder)
Reccer's Comments: very cool vid, imho. kind of like a music video.
Disclaimer: i first watched this one during the submission stage for the vid lists, so if you see an older date on my comment there, this is why. but it was new to me at the time, so i think it counts.

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Sorry for the delays, everyone! Hopefully you're still interested. :) Finally, here we go.

1. From now until the end of October, your challenge is to watch and comment on new-to-you vids! Watch new vids, increase discussion about vids, leave feedback for vidders, share links to new vids; everybody wins!

2. Here’s what to do:

A few guidelines, ideas and resources )

Questions, comments, etc.? Leave a comment.

Go forth and watch all the vids!


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