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Vid Title: Does Cameron Dream of Electric Sheep?
Vidder: [ profile] kiki_miserychic
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Summary: Does Cameron dream of electric sheep?
Reccer's Comments: This vid is a visually dynamic look into a Terminator's brain and how Cameron might receive and store information. It's an exploration of Cameron's POV and everything--the clip choices, the visual connections, the editing--works together to make it look and feel that way. It seems disjointed, robotic, but organized, like a robot brain. It's mechanical, until it isn't. The visual and context connections are sometimes subtle but always brilliant, capturing some connections that Cameron might make--different kinds of hands, memories of different events she might connect together-- the information she might store about each of the humans, the human motions, emotions and expressions that she takes in, mimics and executes perfectly.
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Vid Title: Love is the Plan the Plan is Death (Sons and Daughters)
Vidder: [personal profile] futuransky
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Summary: A downloadable history.
Reccer's Comments: Battlestar Galactica at its best often dealt with the question of blurring lines between human and Cylon, but this vid reminds us that Cylons are not human, they are something different, and they are coming to swallow humanity. As [personal profile] futuransky says in her essay about this vid and why she hearts the Cylons: "Violence is what the Cylon collective does. If the plan is love it is always also death." This vid, especially given the perfect song choice, portrays the Cylons as a young race, trying and erring, even sweetly optimistic about their plans to lovingly, violently make your children obsolete (irony!). This is their history, their perspective, and the vid skillfully merges their naive, even innocent, optimism with the horrific parts of their plan and the horrifying things done to them in turn, to create this sweet, creepy, tragic, horrifying story about their growing pains.
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Vid Title: A Perfect Lie
Vidder: [ profile] meivocis
Fandom: Terminator Salvation
Summary: My name is Marcus Wright.
Reccer's Comments: This is a chilling vid, with some of the most perfect editing I have ever seen. It manages to draw out themes that the movie treated shallowly: Marcus is a Terminator/Marcus is not a Terminator, because he has a human heart. He volunteered for this.

What the end reminds me of is something I read about the original Terminator Salvation script – that apparently, rather than Marcus's heart being given to John Connor, John Connor's face is grafted onto Marcus's body, and Marcus then carries on the revolution ... which is an altogether creepier, more intriguing idea. And I always think of it when I watch this.

I have many conflicted feelings about Terminator Salvation, but this vid basically makes it with it. Gorgeous, creepy, haunting vid.
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Vid Title: Machine
Vidder: [ profile] cosmic_llin
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
Summary: Seven of Nine's place in her Collectives.
Reccer's Comments: So yeah, this is the same music as in the Mass Effect vid eponymous_rose recced. :-) It's a beautifully done, frequently creepy exploration of that liminal position Seven is in between machine and human, and of moving from the Borg Collective to the community on Voyager which is almost (particularly from Seven's point of view) just another machine to be hooked into.

(Can I get a tag for fandom: star trek voyager?)
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So first off: watch all the other vids people have recced, because they are all vids I was going to rec before someone beat me to it :D (This is the best theme, I love robots and cyborgs)

And now for something a bit different.

Vid Title: Handlebars
Vidder: deejay
Fandom: Iron Man
Summary: Tony can ride his bike with no handlebars
Reccer's Comments: This song has been used in many vids, but it suits Tony perfectly, with all his childlike glee and thoughtless arrogance. The vid also captures his complicated relationship with technology, from the arc reactor in his chest that originally trapped him but eventually freed him, to his suit, to the weapons which paid for it all.
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Vid Title: DLZ
Vidder: bop-radar
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Summary: We are the Resistance. (ensemble)
Reccer's Comments:

To me this vid is about walking the edge of control, the loss of control, and violence. It is about fighting a fight that you're not sure you can win, fighting it anyway, and the awful toll that results. The intensity of the song and the images get to me every time and I watch this vid a lot. Interspersed are moments of grace, both human and robot, are they enough?

But this is beginning to feel like
the bolt busted loose from the lever
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Vid Title: Unnatural Selection
Vidder: [personal profile] charmax
Fandom: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles/Battlestar Galactica
Summary: That body was made to look like a person. We were made in God's image.
Reccer's Comments: This vid, I never get over how beautiful it is visually, how clear its message is. It blends robots and religinos through two shows, seamlessly, with breathtaking editing, including still overlays, text work and even some seamlessly integrated voiceovers. In a beautiful cascade of devastation, it asks us where the boundries of our evolution lie. If we are, ever, toolbuilders, if that is the adaptability that gave rise to our global dominance, when our tools surpass us - is this outside the bounds of nature? It's thoughtprovoking and wonderful.
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Vid Title: Machine
Vidder: [ profile] beccatoria
Fandom: Mass Effect
Summary: The war is in your body. The future is here. The future is a machine.
Reccer's Comments: The timing of this theme was too great to pass up. 'Machine' is a fantastic exploration of a running motif in the Mass Effect universe: navigating the messy, complicated clash between biology and technology, both within and without the main character. As a fan of the games, this vid skewed my understanding of the narrative in the best possible way, but I think it stands alone quite well for folks not familiar with the canon, tackling a refreshingly original take on a well-established sci-fi trope.

It's also spectacularly well-edited, and is well worth watching for that alone.
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Theme: From today until Sunday, June 24, rec vids about cyborgs!

Cyborgs, or cybernetic organisms, are beings with both biological and artificial--mechanical, electronic, robotic, etc.--parts. They could, for example, be humans with artificial parts or mechanically enhanced capabilities, or robots with biological components. Think broad! Studies of cyborg characters, vids about the robot revolution, humans and their cyborg parts, arguments for how we're all actually cyborgs now--all fit within the theme.

You may always rec more than one vid for a theme.

If you're reccing for the theme, please tag your post with "theme: cyborgs".

Posting template, if you want to use it:
Subject Line: Fandom Name: Vid Title by Vidder's Name


For reference, there will likely be upcoming themes relating to various kinds of relationships, including shippy, friendship and family, as well as themes relating to ensemble vids, crack/humor vids, crossovers, vids critical of a source, vids utilizing effects generally or particular effects, action vids, and instrumental vids, in some order or another. List subject to change at my whim. Suggestions for themes always welcome!


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