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Vid Title: Gotham High (2013) Dark Knight Batman PARODY!
Vidder: Movieclips Trailers
Fandom: batman (nolanverse)
Summary: Ever wonder what high school was like for your favorite super heroes and villains in Gotham? Now you can enjoy all their early beginnings in this prequel to the Dark Knight Trilogy. (from the vid discription)
Reccer's Comments: a fun vid. even though i'm not a fan of the nolanvers batman, id' probably watch this if it were real.
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Vid Title: black widow
Vidder: elinor x.
Fandom: black widow marvel movie universe
Summary: When S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Clint Barton was ordered to terminate the infamous Black Widow, Natalia Romanova, he made a unexpected choice, and that choice had its consequences…
Reccer's Comments: the world needs a black widow movie. Note: video may repeat, so be prepared for that
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Vid Title: We can't tell you who we are ~ Animorphs DreamCast
Vidder: [ profile] stephantom
Fandom: Animorphs
Summary: Dedicated to everyone who loved the crap out of these books as a preteen in the late 90s.
Reccer's Comments:
Vid for the book series of my childhood!! (There was also a tv show, but we don't talk about that.) The vidder does a fantastic job melding such a variety of sources into a cohesive vid. (I'm especially impressed with the way she found footage that looked like some of the more unique aliens in the series.) The colouring used creates a consistent "look" without being distracting. It's just a pretty vid.
Note on casting )

I honestly think this vid would be enjoyable even to people unfamiliar with the books. The series involves a group of teenagers with the ability to turn into animals, which they use to battle a secret invasion of Earth. The aliens they fight are slug-creatures that infest the brain, taking control of other sentient beings. Cue trauma.
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First time posting here, I hope everything is OK.

Vid Title:
Merlin - The Hitchhiker's Guide To Camelot
Vidder: Chayiana
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)/ The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (movie)
Summary: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie trailer soundtrack combined with the footage from Merlin.
Reccer's Comments: Hilarious! The original trailer is as clever as this Merlin version here. (And I'm a little bit proud of myself, providing her the original idea.)
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Vid Title: "Premakes" Raiders of the Lost Ark (1951)
Vidder: whoiseyevan
Fandom: Raiders of the Lost Ark
Summary: What if... Raiders of the Lost Ark was a 50s film serial? Who would be best suited for the role of Indiana Jones? How would his villains translate to this era? What would the film's musical score sound like?
Reccer's Comments: these "premakes" are an interesting look at what more modern movies might have looked like if they were made back then.
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Vid Title: Green Lantern Trailer
Vidder: jaronpitts
Fandom: Green Lantern
Summary: a green lantern fan trailer with nathan fillion as hal jordan
Reccer's Comments: of all the green lantern fan trailers & the cast nathan fillion as ____ trailers, this is the best. IMHO.

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Vid Title: Thundercats Movie trailer (fan made)
Vidder: WormyT
Fandom: thundercats
Summary: if thundercats were made into a live-action movie, this would be the trailer.
Reccer's Comments: in general i'm against a live-action thundercats movie, but this is almost enough for me to change my mind.
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Vid Title: Grand Theft Bebop ii: Vice City
Vidder: minefreak
Fandom: cowboy bebop/grand theft auto: vice city
Summary: grand theft auto: vice city audio with cowboy bebop video
Reccer's Comments: this is one of the first, if not the first, example of this sort of thing that my brother showed me ages ago. it's still one of the better ones i've ever seen.
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Vid Title: Mean Disney Girls
Fandom: disney/mean girls
Summary: mean girls trailer audio with disney princesses.
Reccer's Comments: kind of funny trailer & the movie would be interesting if done like this.
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Vid Title: Batman vs Superman trailer 2.0 [Fan Edit]
Vidder: Russkafin
Fandom: batman & superman. or maybe just comics.
Summary: batman & superman conflict with different styles of doing things, but when batman falls into madness will he go too far?
Reccer's Comments: an interesting look that the superman vs. batman idea. IMHO.
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Vid Title: Supernatural Comedy Trailer HD
Vidder: Nyah86Production
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: if supernatural was a comedy movie, this would be the trailer
Reccer's Comments: like i said previously, i like fake trailers that make the material seem different.
spoilers: possible ones for season 4, 5 or 6. (this isn't one of my fandoms)
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Vid Title: Stargate:SG-1 [The Movie] Theatrical Trailer
Vidder: DoubleTreble1518
Fandom: stargate: sg-1
Summary: if stargate: sg-1 was a big summer comedy movie, this would be the trailer for it.
Reccer's Comments: i like fake trailers where they make the material seem like it's in a different category. in this case, a comedy instead of sci-fi.
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Vid Title: High and Right
Vidder: [ profile] eyestoowide
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary: This is a fic trailer made for a Big Bang. The story summary is as follows:
John’s back-story. Vietnam, Mary and raising his boys. A man’s struggle with the impossible and his determination to protect his sons. This is a love story too, both in terms of Mary, his boys and his family and friends. Sometimes he makes the right decisions, other times he’s off the mark.
Reccer's Comments: This is a gorgeous vid. It uses visuals from the series as well as outside source to give you a sense of being in the past, of a story that until now had been untold. The coloring is stunning and the editing is really well done.

"this is not the story of how it all ended....
...this is the story of how it all began"
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Vid Title: wonder woman's orgins-amazons
Vidder: TheRighteousFist
Fandom: what would you call this comics? or just wonder woman?
Summary: Before she became Wonder Woman, she was an Amazon. Before the legend, were her people.
Reccer's Comments: this is a bit of a different take on the WW origin story. it seems more gritty & bad ass to me.
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Vid Title: dominion war trailer
Vidder: Tully1784
Fandom: star trek: deep space nine
Summary: if the dominion war ark was a summer blockbuster, this is the trailer.
Reccer's Comments: this is pretty close to what a trailer for this type of movie would be.
spoilers: mild ones for the whole dominion war ark. which was about late season 3, early season 4 onwards.
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Vid Title: stargate: inception
Vidder: DoubleTreble1518
Fandom: stargate: sg-1/inception
Summary: a mash-up of the audio from an inception trailer & footage from stargate: sg-1
Reccer's Comments: i must've seen a dozen mash-ups using audio from an inception trailer, but this is the best, IMHO.
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Vid Title: Korravengers (Legend of Korra/Avengers mashup trailer)
Vidder: [personal profile] airawyn 
Fandom: Avatar: The Legend of Korra/The Avengers
Summary: A mashup trailer combining footage from Korra with the audio track from the commercially released trailer for The Avengers.
Reccer's Comments: One of the things I love most about The Legend of Korra is that it so often features female characters physically kicking ass in a way that’s handled as an emphatically awesome thing. Because the themes of the show are a little deeper than WOW COOL LETS BLOW SHIT UP AND FIGHT BAD GUYS, The Legend of Korra doesn’t get gratuitous with this in quite the over-the-top way that, say, an action movie like The Avengers might. [personal profile] airawyn has supplied this deficiency by culling awesome action scenes from the show and lining them up with the lines and explosion and impact sound effects from the trailer in a way that emphasizes the badassery of the Korra characters, with a special emphasis on the female characters. Now, I love Korra, and I love and the other, deeper issues it tackles -- things like class conflict and civil rights and romance and friendship. And I had no idea that I was secretly craving a gratuitous action movie about badass female characters, but holy crap, was I ever. For me this vid is a huge treat and incredibly, unexpectedly cathartic, and I am especially a fan of Lin Beifong being voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. (Now if only I could get someone to make me a full-length feature film along these lines…*g*)

(Are you there, [personal profile] chaila? It's me, [personal profile] soukup. I don't have tags to mark this entry as fandom: the legend of korra, or as fandom: the avengers. If you want to make some, that would be way cool. Thanks for being such an awesome mod!)

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Vid Title: New Wonder Woman Film Trailer!
Vidder: HaphazardStuff
Fandom: Wonder Woman
Summary: Wonder Woman finally makes it to movie screens in her first big screen adventure!
Reccer's Comments: OMG, this feels so epic and shiny and new. I would totally watch this movie. ;)
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Vid Title: Voyager: The Motion Picture
Vidder: Noordledoordle
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
Reccer's Comments: So original, evocative and just visually beautiful.
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Vid Title: star trek deep space nine fan trailer
Vidder: sirrocko711
Fandom: star trek: deep space nine
Summary: a fan trailer for DS9 that shows some of great moments of the series.
Reccer's Comments: this one vid shows just how good the series could be.
Spoilers: minor ones for the whole 7 seasons


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