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Vid Title: Anarchy
Vidder: [ profile] balistik94
Fandom: V for Vendetta, The Crow, and The Dark Knight
Summary: These three fellas have a lot more in common than just being comic book characters. They're all wearing theatrical masks or makeup not because they want to hide their identity but because this is their identity. Those faces are the incarnation of their pain, anger and madness. They're all trying to upset the established order by bringing chaos and they also are extravagant characters. They like to make a spectacle of themselves (showy entrances, mannerism) they want to entertain themselves and others which I think justifies the song choice. Even though two of them are considered heroes and one is a villain they're all mentally unstable and extremely dangerous. I tried to underline these common points between the three characters while focusing on their insanity and the trail of death and destruction they leave behind.
Reccer's Comments: The summary says it all, but this is an excellent meta of what these individuals represent and the ramifications of the actions that they take.


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Multifandom vid recs. Yay!

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