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Title: Collapse
Vidder: csthrace3 (on Youtube)
Fandom: Fringe
Summary: Sometimes being a badass soldier for the future is hard
Reccer's Comments: This is the vid that made me give Fringe a try, because Olivia Dunham is amazing. Her drive, her determination, her bravery, her vulnerability, her SWAGGER; it's all in this vid. The show has gotten away from the story of Olivia's heroism and willingness to throw herself into any situation to find answers and save people in subsequent seasons, but this vid brings it all back. It also makes this song surprisingly poignant for Olivia.
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Vid Title: You Cut Her Hair
Vidder: [ profile] prozacpark
Fandom: The Inside
Summary: Rebecca Locke - So turn the page/Start again/Change your name.
Reccer's Comments:
I hadn't even heard of The Inside before this vid, but I was intrigued enough to track it down after watching it. (Okay, okay, and the vidder's posts about the show.)

The haunting song by Tom McRae is perfect for the vid, exploring the disturbed and disturbing world of Rebecca Locke. She's damaged, putting herself into the victim's shoes a little too well, but as a way of rescuing herself.

WARNINGS: The series involves serial killers. Blood, guns, fire, suicide, etc.
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Vid Title: Sugarcane (Also on dreamwidth)
Vidder: [ profile] bop_radar
Fandom: Dexter
Summary: A character vid of Dexter's Deborah Morgan
Reccer's Comments:
This vid does a fantastic job covering Deb's character arc over the first two seasons. I especially love how well the vidder shows the tough face Deb puts up to cover up her inner vulnerability. How hard she tries in everything she does.
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Vid Title: When I Ruled the World
Vidder: em1983 (LJ user)
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Summary: No summary given by the vidder.
Reccer's Comments: This is a wonderful Gaius Baltar vid taking place in season 3. Vidded to Coldplay's Viva La Vida the vid really let me see the world through Gaius' eyes and have sympathy and more understanding of him. He had a real chance on New Caprica or at least he thought he did amongst the threats, the hookers, and the corruption. Gaius was almost king and it cost all of them but him too. This vid helped me see the subtleties of Gaius's character, how he somehow managed to combine hubris and lack of self-awarness all at once. Very interesting vid to a great song.
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Vid Title: Beautiful Struggle
Vidder: [personal profile] sdwolfpup
Fandom: The Wire
Summary: "It all matters. I know we thought it didn't, but it does." – Ellis Carver
Reccer's Comments: This is a character study worthy of The Wire, and one of the characters who had one of the best arcs on a show full of great character arcs. It's such a fantastic POV vid for this character throughout the show. It does a great job telling Carver's story and the pull of the different aspects of the institutions and people on him: the easy appeal of corruption, the lazy cynicism of politics, the inertia of middle management, the idealism of trying to do the right thing. It embeds Carver's story really intricately within the show, and ties together all the people and small events that change him. It seems so bleak and hopeless and futile, except for the little moments where it isn't, and how he comes to learn that those moments are worth it.
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Vid Title: Ghosts
Vidder: [ profile] beccatoria
Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Summary: Caprica Six is a love letter no one has ever read.
Reccer's Comments: This vid completely transformed the way I view Caprica Six, and made me forget that I didn't always see the specifics of this heartbreaking story about her for myself. I always loved her, but this vid makes her the main character and her thoughts and feelings the central focus in all her scenes and ties everything she did together into one coherent story. It doesn't read against the show exactly, but I do think it analyses this character with more purpose and thoughtfulness than the show always did, to make a vid about her capacity for love and her yearning for a connection, her reaching out for people and things--Baltar, Tigh, Boomer, Athena, Hera, the incorporeal Opera House--that vanish through her fingers, like smoke.
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Vid Title: Here I Dreamt I Was an Architect
Vidder: Kuwdora
Fandom: Heroes
Summary: All right, it's okay, guess it's better to turn this way.
Reccer's Comments: What I love about this vid is that it not only does a great job of capturing Sylar's twisted but ultimately tragic character, but it takes the incoherent mess that was his characterisation in Season 3 and recontextualises it to actually makes sense. I have other character vids that I enjoyed more (and will hopefully get around to reccing), but this is the only one that actually made me like the character more :)
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Vid Title: Runaway
Vidder: [ profile] barkley
Fandom: Homicide: Life on the Street
Summary: "If I could just find this thing, I could go home" - Meldrick Lewis
Reccer's Comments: This vid is pretty much my definition of a great character study, and not just because it was made for me :D I love how full-circle this vid is--there's a strong linear narrative but it repeatedly comes back to the earlier parts of the show, and uses the refrain and the musical repetition to build a layered portrait, not just tell an A-to-B story.

Also it's beautiful and heartbreaking and makes me want to watch the whole show again every time I watch it, that is also a thing.
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Things have been quiet on the reccing front, so let's try another theme, shall we? (I promise to keep these a little more active in the future).

Theme #2: From now until Sunday, April 22, rec character studies.

As always, vid classification and definition is subjective and difficult to pin down, so basically if you think it's a great character study, then you can rec it. For those for whom a working definition would be helpful, a character study is a vid that explores or analyzes the personality traits, motivations, emotions, changes and/or narrative of a particular character. That is, a vid that explores some aspects of a character in-depth. This doesn't mean that other characters aren't part of the vid, or even that the vid doesn't compare and contrast multiple characters, or that others might view a particular vid as a relationship vid or some other type when you see it as a character study. Just tell us why you interpret it as a great character study!

As always, you may rec more than one vid for a theme, subject to the regular two recs per day, per poster rule.

If you're reccing for the theme, please tag your post with "theme: character study".

Posting template, if you want to use it:
Subject Line: Fandom Name: Vid Title by Vidder's Name


For reference, there will likely be upcoming themes relating to various kinds of relationships, including shippy, friendship and family, as well as themes relating to ensemble vids, crack/humor vids, crossovers, vids critical of a source, vids utilizing effects generally or particular effects, action vids, and instrumental vids, in some order or another. List subject to change at my whim. Suggestions for themes always welcome!


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