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Vid Title: Diana Prince | Soldier keep on marchin' on
Vidder: iJeune Fille
Fandom: Wonder Woman
Summary: a brief character study on Diana
Reccer's Comments: I love this vid! I really like how the vidder utilized footage of Diana from BvS as well as the trailers for Wonder Woman (this was made in October of last year), and I think the song used is really fitting for Diana.
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Vid Title: Oh Mama No
Vidder: [personal profile] chaila 
Fandom: Wonder Woman
Summary: An inheritance that you can't deny. Diana, daughter of Hippolyta, child of Themyscira.
Reccer's Comments: Another Wonder Woman vid I love!
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Vid Title: Watershed
Vidder: [personal profile] chaila
Fandom: Wonder Woman
Summary: I will unsettle the ground beneath you. Diana.
Reccer's Comments: I really like how images from the comics and various animated sources were combined in this! And the song is so fitting for Diana!
aurumcalendula: Diana with shield (Wonder Woman!)
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Vid Title: Titanium
Vidder: [personal profile] giandujakiss 
Fandom: Wonder Woman (1975)
Summary: Suffering Sappho.
Reccer's Comments: This is wonderful!
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Vid Title: wonder woman's orgins-amazons
Vidder: TheRighteousFist
Fandom: what would you call this comics? or just wonder woman?
Summary: Before she became Wonder Woman, she was an Amazon. Before the legend, were her people.
Reccer's Comments: this is a bit of a different take on the WW origin story. it seems more gritty & bad ass to me.
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Vid Title: New Wonder Woman Film Trailer!
Vidder: HaphazardStuff
Fandom: Wonder Woman
Summary: Wonder Woman finally makes it to movie screens in her first big screen adventure!
Reccer's Comments: OMG, this feels so epic and shiny and new. I would totally watch this movie. ;)


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