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Hey all,

Sorry for the tumbleweeds at this comm. But I am back with an idea for generating a little more discussion about vids here! This post is just to gauge interest. You are not committing to anything by commenting, but please comment if you think you might be interested or if you have ideas about how to tweak this proposal. It will be easier to think about this if I know how many people are/are not interested!

What I'm thinking of is running some sort of new-to-me vidwatching and feedbacking challenge, perhaps over the course of a month or so. (I know something similar was done on LJ several years ago, so if anyone remembers how that was run please feel free to let me know). Basically, you pick a certain number of vids--say, a minimum of 3, or 5, or whatever we decide on, with no maximum so you can do as many as you want--that you have never seen before. You can find them from recs here, from con playlists from any year, from Youtube, from friend's recs, wherever (and perhaps we can put together a resource list for finding new vids). You watch the vids, comment on them, and then link the vids and repost your comments here at the comm. Discussion about the vid can then be had! Comments for vidders, links to new vids, discussions about vids, everybody wins!

Comments can be any length, from a couple of lines to a whole separate post about a vid. The goal of this is not to require people to write lengthy commentary (though you can if you want!), but I think it'd be awesome to try to have some discussion like we have when we rec, but about vids that are new to us. So you can focus on what you think a vid is doing--your interpretation of its goal or story, how it made you feel, what it made you think about, how it interested you in a source or character, or shed new light on an old source or character, particular moments that worked really well, what it's doing visually or musically, etc. Of course, you can be as adventurous as you want in picking vids to watch, so you decide whether you want to watch unfamiliar fandoms/characters or not.

Thoughts? Anyone? Vids? :)


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