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Vid Title: Datenight
Vidder: Fahrbot Drusilla
Fandom: Luther
Summary: Whatever we do, I’mma do it with you.
Reccer's Comments: My current fandom! (Such as it is, poor tiny fandom). This song choice is so wrong, pairing threats and murder with a song about going on a date, and thus it is absolutely perfect for John/Alice. It has a great build and does a really nice job of juxtaposing the more, er, violent or screwed up moments with the moments of odd attraction or tenderness that happen between these two. Love is cleaning the fingerprints off the gun.
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Vid Title: Bang Bang
Vidder: [ profile] gigglemonster
Fandom: Luther
Summary: My baby shot me down. Luther/Alice
Reccer's Comments: This short vid is so compelling that I can never believe it's only a minute and a half. These two characters have a really, er, complicated and twisted dynamic on the show and this vid manages to capture it. It's bittersweet, disturbing and beautiful. Plus, this vidlet drew me in and was part of the reason I watched the show, and I think it could recruit a few more people. :) (Note that it does contain images of apparent attempted suicide).


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