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Vid Title: Canada (it's about halfway down the page)
Vidder: [livejournal.com profile] amnisias
Fandom: Ice Hockey (Olympics)
Summary: The Canada-US gold medal game at the 2010 Olympics set to dramatic music!
Reccer's Comments:
A vid from my new/current fandom! This was really fun. It's very much like a highlight reel of that gold medal game, but with a vidding sensibility behind it. The vidder did a really great job of cutting game footage (which is so often from the wrong angle and too small and with other players standing between the camera and the action) so that it's very easy to follow, even without any commentary other than the music.

The difference between this and a highlight reel was interesting to me because it kind of is one (it hits the high points of that game, which are the same goals/good plays that you'd get in a highlight reel, and I've seen highlight reels with backing music before), but it doesn't really feel like one. I think it's in the way that the vidder uses a lot of reaction shots and close-ups of players faces not only after the goals, but before as they set up the play or try to defend against it. It really gives it a more narrative feel, and makes it much more about not just the skill, but the emotions of the players, which is a very fannish focus (though this is certainly gen rather than rps.)

This would be a pretty good vid to start with if you don't know much about hockey. It doesn't require a lot of knowledge about the players (though a lot of them are pretty famous if you do follow the game, of course), it's easy to follow, and the way it ramps up with the music and the visible excitement of the players and so on gets across some of the feel of the game quite well.

And mods, if I could get a fandom: hockey, or fandom:ice hockey tag? Thanks, mods!


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