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Name:Multifandom vid recs. Yay!
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:This is a community for anyone to recommend fanvids for any fandom or genre.
What it says on the tin! This is a community for multifandom vid recs. The goal of this community is very simple: to enable everyone to share vids that they liked with others. Vids yay!

There are minimal rules, but here's how it works:

1. Rec all the vids!
Rec vids for any fandom, of any length, genre or rating. If you think it's a vid, it's a vid and you can rec it. Rec vids that are newly posted, four years old or fifteen years old. Rec vids with 100+ comments or vids with two comments. Rec vids posted on Dreamwidth, Livejournal, Youtube or any streaming site. Rec vids you've already recced in your journal. The only rules are no self-reccing and the vid must be publicly available online (streaming or download). Please use the fandom tags to try to confirm the vid hasn't been recently recced in the comm before you rec it.

2. Anyone can rec at any time.
Anyone can post a rec at any time. There are no sign-ups for regular reccing. However, please limit your recs to two vid recs per reccer per day to spread the recs out. If there's not much activity, your friendly mod will post recs until she runs out, but it will be more fun if many people share their recs.

3. One rec per post.
Please give each vid rec its own post (unless two or more vids are related, i.e. the vidder made a pair of related vids and you want to rec them both; in a case like that you can post them together or separately, however you want). You may crosspost recs you make in your own journal, as long as you use the guidelines below. Don't just post a link to the rec in your journal.

4. Posting guidelines.
These guidelines are very flexible. Please always feel free to include more information (multiple links, ratings, length, warnings, information about the song, etc.) than this, but please include at least the following information in your rec:

-- Subject Line: Fandom Name: Vid Title by Vidder's Name
Feel free to abbreviate the fandom name in the subject line of your post.

-- Vid Title, including a link to the vid: Here's the code for creating a link: < a href= "URL" > "Vid Title"< /a> Take out the extra spaces, replace "URL" with the address you're linking to, and "Vid Title" with the title of the vid.

Please always link to the page where the header information of the vid is located, if any, rather than linking directly to the streaming or download site (to provide the most information about the vid to viewers and enable feedback). If the only link available is the streaming site, of course just go ahead and link there. If anyone knows of a better link for a vid that has been recced, please drop a comment to the post or send the mod a PM with the link.

-- Vidder: Tell us the vidder's name, on Dreamwidth, Livejournal or their streaming site, or whatever they go by. See this FAQ for helpful information on how to link to users on other sites, such as Livejournal.

-- Fandom: Please give the full fandom name. Do not abbreviate here. Fandom abbreviations often are meaningless to people not in your fandom. (This will also help your mod tag).

-- Summary: This should usually be the vidder's summary or tagline, if they give one. If the vidder didn't give a summary, just tell us a little about what the vid is about, if even just the characters it focuses on.

-- Reccer's Comments: This is the fun part! Tell us why you are reccing this vid. This can be as long or short as you want, from a line or two up to as much as you want to write (please use a cut if you write more than a couple paragraphs). Tell us why this vid is awesome!

You can include more information if you want, such as ratings, SFW/NSFW, warnings or content notes, and/or spoiler information, but you don't have to.

See this post as a sample rec.

5. Posting template, if you want to use it:

6. Tags.
The mod will create tags for all fandoms recced. Note that your mod will not be familiar with all fandoms! If I make a mistake in tagging a post or creating a tag, please let me know.

7. Themes and challenges.
The community may run themes or challenges of various kinds from time to time. These may involve sign-ups or other specific rules. Information and rules for these will be posted separately and appropriately tagged. If you have ideas for challenges that might be fun for the comm, please feel free to send me a PM.

8. Have fun!
Enjoy the recs, feel free to comment with your +1s, added reviews, additional links or additional information, and don't forget to leave the vidders some love if you enjoy the vids.

Please feel free to contact me, [personal profile] chaila, with any questions or suggestions.
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