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Vid Title: Korravengers (Legend of Korra/Avengers mashup trailer)
Vidder: [personal profile] airawyn 
Fandom: Avatar: The Legend of Korra/The Avengers
Summary: A mashup trailer combining footage from Korra with the audio track from the commercially released trailer for The Avengers.
Reccer's Comments: One of the things I love most about The Legend of Korra is that it so often features female characters physically kicking ass in a way that’s handled as an emphatically awesome thing. Because the themes of the show are a little deeper than WOW COOL LETS BLOW SHIT UP AND FIGHT BAD GUYS, The Legend of Korra doesn’t get gratuitous with this in quite the over-the-top way that, say, an action movie like The Avengers might. [personal profile] airawyn has supplied this deficiency by culling awesome action scenes from the show and lining them up with the lines and explosion and impact sound effects from the trailer in a way that emphasizes the badassery of the Korra characters, with a special emphasis on the female characters. Now, I love Korra, and I love and the other, deeper issues it tackles -- things like class conflict and civil rights and romance and friendship. And I had no idea that I was secretly craving a gratuitous action movie about badass female characters, but holy crap, was I ever. For me this vid is a huge treat and incredibly, unexpectedly cathartic, and I am especially a fan of Lin Beifong being voiced by Samuel L. Jackson. (Now if only I could get someone to make me a full-length feature film along these lines…*g*)

(Are you there, [personal profile] chaila? It's me, [personal profile] soukup. I don't have tags to mark this entry as fandom: the legend of korra, or as fandom: the avengers. If you want to make some, that would be way cool. Thanks for being such an awesome mod!)


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