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Posting this on behalf of [ profile] amnisias, who cannot post here with OpenID. Sorry, everyone, I really thought you could post in Dreamwidth comms with LJ OpenIDs, but apparently this is not the case. Sorry for the inconvenience! I am thinking of ways around this. In the meantime, you can PM me with all the html code and I'll post it for you, or you can comment with your OpenID to the challenge post, and I'll either post them separately or, if there are a lot, make some kind of masterpost including those recs. Other suggestions welcome!


Written by [ profile] amnisias:

Title: Youkali
Vidder: [personal profile] hazelk
Fandom: Dollhouse
Reccer's Comments: Why haven't I seen this before? What an amazing idea - a dollhouse vid from a doll POV set to a French Weil song - and beautifully executed. I loved the dream-like, disjointed flow of non-narrative that captures the doll experience so perfectly. Normally I'm not a big fan of excessive use of FX, but here they are totally fitting, they perfectly match the FX in the source and are such a great visulal representation of the de/reactivating of the dolls. It visually differentiates the confusion the dolls must feel when they are thrown in or jerked out of a reallity and the -false- sense of clarity and stability if they are in any given reality that is not their own.

I also really like how the vidder used long slow clips and short fast clips to create an interal, visual rhythm that keeps the viewers interest right to the end. It complements the music - by the way, inspired choice there - so well!

I would highly recommend this vid to fans of Dollhouse, to people who like a more avangarde vid style (this reminds me of some of [ profile] kiki_miserychic's vids) and anybody who is a vidder.


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