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Vid Title: A Perfect Lie
Vidder: [ profile] meivocis
Fandom: Terminator Salvation
Summary: My name is Marcus Wright.
Reccer's Comments: This is a chilling vid, with some of the most perfect editing I have ever seen. It manages to draw out themes that the movie treated shallowly: Marcus is a Terminator/Marcus is not a Terminator, because he has a human heart. He volunteered for this.

What the end reminds me of is something I read about the original Terminator Salvation script – that apparently, rather than Marcus's heart being given to John Connor, John Connor's face is grafted onto Marcus's body, and Marcus then carries on the revolution ... which is an altogether creepier, more intriguing idea. And I always think of it when I watch this.

I have many conflicted feelings about Terminator Salvation, but this vid basically makes it with it. Gorgeous, creepy, haunting vid.
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Vid Title: L.E.S. Artistes
Vidder: [ profile] cherryice
Fandom: Terminator movies
Summary:Sarah Connor. To tell it straight, I'm trying to build a wall.
Reccer's Comments: I hadn't seen either of the Terminator movies in years when I stumbled onto this due to Festivids. This vid reminded me of everything I love about the Sarah Connor character, and why I wanted to be her when I was younger.* A fabulous character study that does a great job highlighting the the changes she undergoes through both two movies as well as her incredible resiliency.

*Apparently being committed and having all your friends die and a robot apocalypse weren't big stumbling blocks to my younger self. And yes, this icon was added as a result of watching this vid!


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