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Theme #1: Favorites is officially over. I declare it a success! I was going to make a masterlist but then I realized we already have this handy little theme: favorites tag that pretty much does the same thing. Peruse it at your leisure, it's great.

That seemed to go well and get some reccing flowing, so look for some more themes in the coming months--probably for certain genres of vids, i.e. character studies, relationship studies--and perhaps for different styles, subjects, and who-knows-what-else. As always, if you have ideas, let me know!

The comm is always open for regular reccing, so feel free to rec away at any time.

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Vid Title: Handlebars
Vidder: [personal profile] flummery (Margie and Seah)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: I'm the Doctor. Look me up.
Reccer's Comments: The slow build from whimsy to arrogance and ruthlessness never fails to suck me in, and perfectly expresses the heart of my ambivalence about the Doctor/Ten: so much about him to love, and yet so much there that I could never, ever trust. Always gives me chills, this vid.
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Vid Title: Big City Life
Vidder: lithium doll
Fandom:Dark Angel
Summary:It's all good, all the time.
Reccer's Comments:
Max tries to balance her relationships, her sense of duty and responsibility, the fact that other people look to her as a leader. I watch this vid a lot; I love the song and the use of text in the background-- how it hints at Max's state of mind. The world she lives in is bleak, complicated, but not without love and hope.
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Vid Title: Shut Up And Drive
Vidder: [personal profile] laurashapiro
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: Martha > you
Reccer's Comments: MARTHA JONES! I love her so, so much, and this vid is a wonderful, fun, bouncy and kickass tribute to all of her gloriousness. Using footage from seasons 3 and 4 as well as her appearance on Torchwood it really captures so much of what's wonderful about her - how brave and competent and smart she is (and how pretty she is, too!). Originally made for Club Vivid, it's incredibly slick to watch whilst never prioritising style over substance. Fantastic all round! :D
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Vid Title: Love is Cool
Vidder: [personal profile] purplefringe and [personal profile] such_heights
Fandom: Doctor Who (2005)
Summary: I love Ponds now. Ponds are cool.
Reccer's Comments: This vid is so, so happy. I've had some Bad Feelings about Doctor Who this year, but watching this vid reminds me of everything I love so hard about seasons 5 and 6. (Note: the vid itself contains NO bad feelings. That's all me.) It's sweet and energetic and funny, with so many moments of surprising depth amid the dancing and kissing and fast bouncy cutting. (The one that grabbed my heart the hardest was on "things can change"--oh, I have to go watch it again now.) It really is about love, and it makes me feel better every time I watch it.
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Vid Title: that brøken day
Vidder: [ profile] kiki_miserychic
Fandom: The Broken
Summary: "You have conquered and I yield. Yet henceforward art thou also dead—dead to the World, to Heaven, and to Hope! In me didst thou exist—and, in my death, see by this image, which is thine own, how utterly thou hast murdered thyself." —Edgar Allan Poe
Reccer's Comments: I still haven't seen this movie, but this remains one of the most compelling vids I've ever seen. The visuals--especially the use of mundane objects to build tension--the use of the music, the pacing, the mood and atmosphere; it all combines perfectly to slowly and powerfully build the tension and suspense before the reveal. I imagine this is the exact feeling of suspense the movie evokes, but the vid does it all in 4:30. No matter how many times I watch this, I get sucked in all over again.
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Vid Title: Bet On It
Vidder: [personal profile] shati
Fandom: Newsies
Summary:'s Newsies plus High School Musical, I don't know how to summarize this.
Reccer's Comments: Not only is this a hilarious combination of music source and vid source, it's actually a really good vid. The song brings out all these aspects of Jack so clearly! The dance solo matches up so perfectly! The cutting is so crisp with so much momentum! Also there is a pony.
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Vid Title: Whole New Way
Vidder: [ profile] mresundance
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Summary: Holmes/Watson/Fandom. Epic romance since 1887.
Reccer's Comments: Using clips from the first season of Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, as well as Sidney Paget's original illustrations, the vidder manages to draw so many comparisons between the different canons. I love all the many visual parallels, and I love the intercutting of fan writings. It's such a love letter to fandom, and to Sherlock Holmes, ever the same and ever changing.
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Vid Title: Day Carry Night
Vidder: [ profile] tearful_eye
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Summary: A Reid-focused CM vid
Warnings: It's a show about serial killers, so there are bodies and a lot of disturbing images, but you don't see most of the violence being committed.
Reccer's Comments: This vid impressed me so much when it was posted, and it still does. It's a beautiful, disturbing dance of images and music that perfectly recreates the feeling of the show and Reid's journey and his continual searching, and the way he and the rest of the team build their lives in the midst of all this horror--and on the horror, in some ways, because their jobs are what they are, but also on and around each other. I've never actually seen another Reid vid, but I don't think anything could match Day Carry Night for how seamlessly it joins up all the parts of his narrative and the rest of the show into one clear, coherent story. It's a more spiraling story than linear, which matches the music perfectly; this vid is a perfect example of, among other things, the power of properly deployed recurring images.
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Vid Title: Anarchy
Vidder: [ profile] balistik94
Fandom: V for Vendetta, The Crow, and The Dark Knight
Summary: These three fellas have a lot more in common than just being comic book characters. They're all wearing theatrical masks or makeup not because they want to hide their identity but because this is their identity. Those faces are the incarnation of their pain, anger and madness. They're all trying to upset the established order by bringing chaos and they also are extravagant characters. They like to make a spectacle of themselves (showy entrances, mannerism) they want to entertain themselves and others which I think justifies the song choice. Even though two of them are considered heroes and one is a villain they're all mentally unstable and extremely dangerous. I tried to underline these common points between the three characters while focusing on their insanity and the trail of death and destruction they leave behind.
Reccer's Comments: The summary says it all, but this is an excellent meta of what these individuals represent and the ramifications of the actions that they take.
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Vid Title: Blow
Vidder: [ profile] winterevanesce
Fandom: Sucker Punch
Summary: "It's time to lose your mind & let the crazy out."
Reccer's Comments: The vid is 3+ minutes of why I freaking love this film. It's about girls kicking ass and having agency and creating their own destinies.
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Vid Title: i wish i was james bond
Vidder: [personal profile] kuwdora
Fandom: star trek: deep space nine
Summary: julian bashir dreams of being the most famous secret agent on Earth.
Reccer's Comments: again, i had a few to choose from for "favorite" fanvid in this fandom, but most are a bit dark & heavy. so i went with a lighter one.
Spoilers: a few brief ones for some character parings.
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Vid Title: swing
Vidder: [ profile] marycrawford
Fandom: star trek :the original series
Summary: a fun vid (IMHO) abut the "swing of things" on the enterprise with a slight focus on uhura
Reccer's Comments: i had a few choices for a "favorite" TOS vid to post here. i went with this one because it more or less features uhura.
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Vid Title: almost unreal
Vidder: [ profile] wicked_visions
Fandom: harry potter (some the neverending story)
Summary: bastian finds a special book & not the one you think.
Reccer's Comments: not only is this my favorite harry potter fanvid, it's one of my favorite fanvids ever. BTW [ profile] wicked_visions has some good harry potter icons if you need some.
Spoilers: for all the harry potter books/movies
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Vid Title: Tenth Doctor: The Musical
Vidder: [ profile] di_br
Fandom: Doctor Who
Summary: The Tenth Doctor Era, told through the power of interpretive dance music!
Reccer's Comments:A beautiful, hilarious summary of all that was good and bad about what happened with the Tenth Doctor and all his companions. I am now incapable of seeing David Tennant looking sad without giggling and a certain song running through my head. I recommend scrolling past the meta and watching the vid first, that way all the song choices will come as a surprise.
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Vid Title: Noisia - Machine Gun [16Bit remix] Transformers Video
Vidder: Keith Carunida [YT profile]
Fandom: Transformers Movies (By Michael Bay)

Summary: A selection of scenes from all three of the recent live action movies, set to Noisia's "Machine Gun".

Reccer's Comments: Why am I reccing this? Well, there's an awful lot of TF videos out there, but this has to be one of my favourites for the movieverse continuity. (TF having so many different incarnations these days!) It's partially because of the clever scene selection and partially because of the way the maker has so carefully and appropriately fitted the scenes to the changes in and rhythms of the music.

He's used scenes from all three movies here and I'm really impressed by both the ones he's chosen and how well he's got them all flowing into each other. I cannot imagine how long it took to put all this together!
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From time to time, I want to run theme reccing or other types of challenges, so this is me starting off easy and figuring out what might work and be fun. Let's dip our toes into a theme challenge, and see how it goes!

Theme #1: From now until Sunday, January 22, rec your favorite vids.

I'm as bad as anyone could possibly be at actually ranking vids, so this can be any sort of interpretation of "favorite" you want; your all-time favorite vid, vids that are among your favorites, your favorite for a particular character, pairing or show you love, etc. You may rec more than one vid for a theme, subject to the regular two recs per day, per poster rule. I will try to round-up all the theme recs at the end of two weeks and make a master post. 

Regular reccing can also continue during a theme challenge; the goal of the theme is to increase the variety of recs, not to limit all recs to that particular theme.

If you're reccing for the theme, please tag your post with "theme: favorites". 

[Suggestions and comments always welcome!]


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