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A few people indicated that a resource post about finding new vids would be useful. So here we go! (Details of new-to-you challenge still forthcoming). This post is a work in progress. If you have suggestions for additions, leave a comment or PM me.

Places to look for new-to-you vids )

There are probably many other ways to find new-to-you vids, but hopefully this is enough to be getting on with.

If you have resources to add, including links to con playlists that I wasn't able to find, please let me know! In general, I’m looking for resources that will enable people to easily browse for vids. So, for example, links to specific communities (either vidding specific, or with tags that allow people to filter for vid-related things) or links to con playlists (ideally with links for multiple years or shows), and not links to individual vids that may have played at a con.
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This is the master list of links to vidder catalogs that have been provided to me by the vidders. Links are listed alphabetically by the first letter of the vidder’s handle.

Please comment here or PM me if you want to add your catalog at any time, or if I made any errors, or if you want me to change anything about the way I’ve listed your name, your link or your fandoms. If you left a link, please check and make sure I didn't accidentally leave you off this list and make sure your link is accurate!

Go forth and browse for new vids!
Alphabetical list of links to vidder catalogs )


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Multifandom vid recs. Yay!

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