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Hi all and welcome to [community profile] vidrecs! All rules and guidelines are very loose around here, but here they are. Please see the comm profile for additional information and fuller explanations, and a few how-tos. Comment to this post anytime or PM me if you have any questions, suggestions, comments, etc.

1. Rec all the vids!
Rec vids of any age, for any fandom, of any length, genre or rating.

2. Anyone can rec at any time
There are no sign-ups for regular reccing. Just limit your recs to two per day, per person. A theme does not need to be running for you to rec, and you can rec outside a theme at any time.

3. One rec per post
Please give each vid rec its own post, unless two or more vids are related.

4. Tags
The mod will create tags for all fandoms recced. Please let me know if I make a mistake in tagging.

5. Themes and challenges
The comm may run themes or challenges of various kinds from time to time. I think this could be fun (feedback challenges, theme reccing, etc.) so I will probably try to come up with some things. Feel free to let me know if you have ideas!

6. Have fun!
Go forth and rec all the vids! And don't forget to leave the vidders some love if you enjoy their vids.

7. Posting template
Here is a posting template, if you want to use it:

Subject Line: Fandom Name: Vid Title by Vidder's Name

Date: 2012-01-07 01:53 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] jain
Themes! I'd love to see some thematic reccing challenges run here. Some ideas I have for themes:

* angst
* black & white (encompassing both older film fandoms and newer fandoms in which the vidder's chosen to make the vid monochromatic for visual or narrative effect)
* character study
* characters of color
* critique of the source material
* crossover (distinct from a multifandom vid; a crossover would posit that the fandoms in question exist in the same universe, e.g. Laura Shapiro's Hurricane)
* dance
* ensemble cast
* familial relationships
* humor
* instrumental music
* multifandom
* non-English lyrics
* romantic relationships
* taboos
* threesomes
* women

It might also be fun to have themes based on the genre or medium of the source material, e.g. science fiction, mystery, anime, literary fandoms, etc.


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