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Vid Title: Beautiful Struggle
Vidder: [personal profile] sdwolfpup
Fandom: The Wire
Summary: "It all matters. I know we thought it didn't, but it does." – Ellis Carver
Reccer's Comments: This is a character study worthy of The Wire, and one of the characters who had one of the best arcs on a show full of great character arcs. It's such a fantastic POV vid for this character throughout the show. It does a great job telling Carver's story and the pull of the different aspects of the institutions and people on him: the easy appeal of corruption, the lazy cynicism of politics, the inertia of middle management, the idealism of trying to do the right thing. It embeds Carver's story really intricately within the show, and ties together all the people and small events that change him. It seems so bleak and hopeless and futile, except for the little moments where it isn't, and how he comes to learn that those moments are worth it.


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