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Vid Title: I Am What I Am
Vidder: [personal profile] thingswithwings 
Fandom: Batman 1966
Summary: "Batman, darling, you're so divinely square!"
Reccer's Comments: This is delightful!
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Vid Title: Gotham High (2013) Dark Knight Batman PARODY!
Vidder: Movieclips Trailers
Fandom: batman (nolanverse)
Summary: Ever wonder what high school was like for your favorite super heroes and villains in Gotham? Now you can enjoy all their early beginnings in this prequel to the Dark Knight Trilogy. (from the vid discription)
Reccer's Comments: a fun vid. even though i'm not a fan of the nolanvers batman, id' probably watch this if it were real.
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Vid Title: Batman vs Superman trailer 2.0 [Fan Edit]
Vidder: Russkafin
Fandom: batman & superman. or maybe just comics.
Summary: batman & superman conflict with different styles of doing things, but when batman falls into madness will he go too far?
Reccer's Comments: an interesting look that the superman vs. batman idea. IMHO.


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Multifandom vid recs. Yay!

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