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Vid Titles: out of mind & changeling
Fandom: stargate: sg-1 (AU)
Summary: during a mission carter is captured & eventually rescued, but is what came back really her?
Reccer's Comments: an interesting idea that would make a good SG-1 movie. IMHO.
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Vid Title: Stargate:SG-1 [The Movie] Theatrical Trailer
Vidder: DoubleTreble1518
Fandom: stargate: sg-1
Summary: if stargate: sg-1 was a big summer comedy movie, this would be the trailer for it.
Reccer's Comments: i like fake trailers where they make the material seem like it's in a different category. in this case, a comedy instead of sci-fi.
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Vid Title: stargate: inception
Vidder: DoubleTreble1518
Fandom: stargate: sg-1/inception
Summary: a mash-up of the audio from an inception trailer & footage from stargate: sg-1
Reccer's Comments: i must've seen a dozen mash-ups using audio from an inception trailer, but this is the best, IMHO.
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Vid Title: Stargate: Earth
Vidder: DoubleTreble1518 @ YouTube
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis & SG-1
Summary: A post-"Enemy At the Gate" storyline in the form of another spin-off show." The vidder has extensive notes, plot, character sketches, etc in their summary on YouTube.
Reccer's Comments: This feels like an authentic show opener to me, and the use of effects and transitions is really well done. I like all the added touches, scenes and feel the vidder really sells the concept.
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Vid Title: stargate: camelot
Vidder: DoubleTreble1518
Fandom: stargate: sg-1/merlin (BBC)
Summary: sg-1 need a weapon to stop the ori & go into the past to find it.
Reccer's Comments: an interesting vid for a crossover that i'd totally watch
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Vid Title: Unwritten (SG-1, Jonas Quinn)
Vidder: [personal profile] kuwdora
Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
Summary: Jonas is a work in progress.
Reccer's Comments: i almost never see jonas quinn vids, thin one shows he's cooler than most people give him credit for.


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