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Vid Title: confident
Vidder: [ profile] pixiedane
Fandom: star trek
Summary: a celebration of 50 years of amazing women in Trek
Reccer's Comments: not enough vids for the women of there. this helps make up for it

Vid Title: brighter than the sun
Vidder: [personal profile] shinyjenni 
Fandom: ster trek (mostly the new stuff with ther others coming in about half-way through)
Summary: "Lightning strikes the heart", or, me/Star Trek OTP
Reccer's Comments: i like the song. i like trek. end of story.
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Vid Title: long live (star trek)
Vidder: llintrek
Fandom: star trek. all of the series, including the reboot.
Summary: a tribute to star trek
Reccer's Comments: i thought i had posted the before, but i guess not. anyway, it's simply a wonderful video. reportedly it made everyone cry at vidcon.
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Vid Title: swing
Vidder: [ profile] marycrawford
Fandom: star trek :the original series
Summary: a fun vid (IMHO) abut the "swing of things" on the enterprise with a slight focus on uhura
Reccer's Comments: i had a few choices for a "favorite" TOS vid to post here. i went with this one because it more or less features uhura.


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