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Vid Title: Day Carry Night
Vidder: [ profile] tearful_eye
Fandom: Criminal Minds
Summary: A Reid-focused CM vid
Warnings: It's a show about serial killers, so there are bodies and a lot of disturbing images, but you don't see most of the violence being committed.
Reccer's Comments: This vid impressed me so much when it was posted, and it still does. It's a beautiful, disturbing dance of images and music that perfectly recreates the feeling of the show and Reid's journey and his continual searching, and the way he and the rest of the team build their lives in the midst of all this horror--and on the horror, in some ways, because their jobs are what they are, but also on and around each other. I've never actually seen another Reid vid, but I don't think anything could match Day Carry Night for how seamlessly it joins up all the parts of his narrative and the rest of the show into one clear, coherent story. It's a more spiraling story than linear, which matches the music perfectly; this vid is a perfect example of, among other things, the power of properly deployed recurring images.


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