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Vid Title: We can't tell you who we are ~ Animorphs DreamCast
Vidder: [ profile] stephantom
Fandom: Animorphs
Summary: Dedicated to everyone who loved the crap out of these books as a preteen in the late 90s.
Reccer's Comments:
Vid for the book series of my childhood!! (There was also a tv show, but we don't talk about that.) The vidder does a fantastic job melding such a variety of sources into a cohesive vid. (I'm especially impressed with the way she found footage that looked like some of the more unique aliens in the series.) The colouring used creates a consistent "look" without being distracting. It's just a pretty vid.
Note on casting )

I honestly think this vid would be enjoyable even to people unfamiliar with the books. The series involves a group of teenagers with the ability to turn into animals, which they use to battle a secret invasion of Earth. The aliens they fight are slug-creatures that infest the brain, taking control of other sentient beings. Cue trauma.


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