Jun. 4th, 2012

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Vid Title: Unnatural Selection
Vidder: [personal profile] charmax
Fandom: Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles/Battlestar Galactica
Summary: That body was made to look like a person. We were made in God's image.
Reccer's Comments: This vid, I never get over how beautiful it is visually, how clear its message is. It blends robots and religinos through two shows, seamlessly, with breathtaking editing, including still overlays, text work and even some seamlessly integrated voiceovers. In a beautiful cascade of devastation, it asks us where the boundries of our evolution lie. If we are, ever, toolbuilders, if that is the adaptability that gave rise to our global dominance, when our tools surpass us - is this outside the bounds of nature? It's thoughtprovoking and wonderful.
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Vid Title: DLZ
Vidder: bop-radar
Fandom: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Summary: We are the Resistance. (ensemble)
Reccer's Comments:

To me this vid is about walking the edge of control, the loss of control, and violence. It is about fighting a fight that you're not sure you can win, fighting it anyway, and the awful toll that results. The intensity of the song and the images get to me every time and I watch this vid a lot. Interspersed are moments of grace, both human and robot, are they enough?

But this is beginning to feel like
the bolt busted loose from the lever


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